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And when she does – get ready to be moved!

Toni Yancey has played many roles, but she's most passionate about
improving the nation's health by promoting physical activity as a
means to combat obesity and chronic disease. An expert on health,
fitness, and stress management, Dr. Yancey is a high energy,
dynamic speaker who literally moves her audiences.

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Author of Instant Recess: Building a Fit Nation 10 Minutes at a Time

                                                          Board member, Partnership for a Healthier America

Look Who’s Being Moved!

Harvard University

City of Long Beach


LAUSD School Nurses Association

University of Colorado at Boulder

African American Health
Institute of San Bernardino

Princeton University,
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Foundation for Junior Blind

California Legislative
Black Caucus

Stanford University
School of Medicine

National WIC Association

San Diego State University

Neutrogena Corporation

University of Southern California

Urban Bankers Association

Foundation for Junior Blind

Sodexo USA

Richmond VA


Links Inc.

Pacific Institute for
Women's Health

The California Endowment

Association of Black Women
Physicians (ABWP)

Loma Linda University

University of South Carolina

Pacific Institute for
Women's Health

The California Endowment

University of Pennsylvania


UCLA ...

Lecture TOPICs Include

Workplace Wellness

- KEEN's Recess Revolution: Recess Is Back and Company Approved!

- What's Good for the Waistline Is Good for the Bottom Line!

Community Obesity Prevention

- The Culture, Economics and Politics of Obesity, and How to Fix It

  1. -Active by Default: Getting Communities Moving 10 Minutes at a Time

Women's health

- Weighting to Exhale: Chronic Disease and Obesity in Women

- Instant Recess® Meets Let's Move: Women Hold the Key
   to Getting our Communities Moving Again! 

Childhood Obesity Prevention

  1. -Battling Childhood Obesity: Get Kids Moving,
    Get Society Moving ... One Organization at a Time

- Generation XXL: Actions You Can Take Now
  to Arrest the Childhood Obesity Epidemic

Adolescent self-image, risk and resilience

  1. -Kim Kardashian: A Role Model for Your Child?
    Adolescent Identity, Risk and Resilience

- The PRIDE Program: Personal and Racial
   Identity Development and Enhancement

What a pleasure it was
to join you and the other members of the panel at the Senate HELP Committee Hearing last week.
You were a wonderful witness and a powerful advocate for fitness, exercise and a wellness approach to life.
Most importantly,
I’m flapping my wings
like a butterfly everyday thanks to you!

Your talk was outstanding.  In my talks I am always saying we need to make exercise a habit, like brushing your teeth, but from now on will change that to make it something we love and look forward to, like recess!
I had never thought about how exciting recess was as a kid, but that memory came right back to me when you described it
in your talk

Bob Sallis, MD

Kaiser Permanente Physician,

Past President, American College of Sports Medicine

More Testimonials

Marco Sanchez
UCSF DMM Photography

UCSF Chancellor, Susan Desmond-Hellmann

chatting with Dr. Yancey

Marco Sanchez / UCSF DMM Photography