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It was transformational for Mike Milken and me to learn about your pioneering program "Instant Recess." Thank you for your leadership and public service working to help millions of Americans battling obesity and other associated life-threatening illnesses.

At PCF, a plan is already underway to have walking meetings and to integrate "Instant Recess" into our schedule. Durning the program yesterday, you reminded me that there is not only "more to life than work" but a lot more life to work than we often imagine. Your passion and dedication to making a difference is an example to us all.


Good Morning Dr. Yancey,

I want to first thank you for coming to Lebanon Oregon and sharing your vast knowledge and experience on obesity and the importance of movement. I have had several emails and phone calls that are exploding with excitement about Instant Recess. One of the school teachers from Lincoln County ( a rural coastal community) went back to school on Tuesday and implemented Instant Recess during one of her classes. The students were so excited, she is now incorporating Instant Recess as part of her daily routine. My boss who is also the Mayor of Corvallis and the CEO of Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital both want to implement Instant Recess throughout our system. I met with them both separately and they both made the same statement: “Dr. Yancey not only talked about the issue, she backed it up with various research and she demonstrated how you could do this with no cost to organizations.” Thanks to your inspiring words, this was the best Childhood Obesity Summit we have hosted. Thank you again for taking time out of your busy schedule to come to Oregon.


JoAnn Miller,

Director of Community Health Promotion