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Lecture Topics


It was transformational
for Mike Milken and me
to learn about your pioneering program
"Instant Recess."
Thank you for
your leadership and
public service working
to help millions of
Americans battling obesity
and other associated
life-threatening illnesses.

Jonathan W. Simons, M.D.

President and Chief

Executive Officer

David H. Koch Chair

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And when she does – get ready to be moved!

Lecture TOPICs Include:

Workplace Wellness

  1. -KEEN's Recess Revolution: Recess Is Back and Company Approved!

  2. KEEN Footwear serves as a model of how to develop a corporate culture that produces a thriving, efficient, and motivated workforce. Let their example serve as a blueprint for your company’s future success story.

  3. -What's Good for the Waistline Is Good for the Bottom Line!

  4. By investing a meager amount of time and resources, employers can see a sizable return on investment. Discover both the financial and dynamic health/social benefits of integrating short bouts of physical activity in your organization.   


Community Obesity Prevention

  1. -The Culture, Economics and Politics of Obesity, and How to Fix It

  2. We all know that we should eat better and exercise more. Explore the underlying factors and unintended consequences that subconsciously and subversively add to the obesity problem.

  3. -Active by Default: Getting Communities Moving 10 Minutes at a Time

  4. Make the healthy option the easy option…it’s just that simple. Once you learn to make what’s good for you more readily available, more affordable, and more socially acceptable, you’ll be on the road to a healthier lifestyle.


Women's health

  1. -Weighting to Exhale: Chronic Disease and Obesity in Women

  2. With a plate of full of responsibilities, obligations, and demands, women (especially black, latina and other  women of color) may find the weight of the world overwhelming and rooted in their own battles with excess weight. Learn about an inexpensive prescription to combat these challenge. Side effects include lowered risk of disease, increased energy, improved body image, and enhanced frame of mind.

  1. -Instant Recess® Meets Let's Move: Women Hold the Key to Getting our Communities Moving Again! 

  2. When women reclaim their fitness – individually and organizationally, their wellness sparks a proactive movement throughout their social and professional spheres of influence. A simple set of tools can provide women the skills and inspiration to bring that positive impact to the workplace, schools, and civic and religious institutions.


Childhood Obesity Prevention

  1. -Battling Childhood Obesity: Get Kids Moving, Get Society Moving ... One Organization at a Time

  2. Organizational change is the sweet spot for getting society moving again. Brief, structured activity breaks integrated into daily routine sparks the chain reaction that results in a fitter and healthier society.

  3. -Generation XXL: Actions You Can Take Now  to Arrest the Childhood Obesity Epidemic

  4. With dwindling resources and little access to healthier options, an active environment can be achieved with low-cost solutions. Learn about several readily available and sustainable solutions to end the epidemic of obesity confronting our nation’s children


Adolescent self-image, risk and resilience

  1. -Kim Kardashian: A Role Model for Your Child? Adolescent Identity, Risk and Resilience

  2. Role models inspire our children's dreams, shape their goals, and influence their behavior. But what if those role models don’t make the best life choices? Learn more about how youth make these decisions and how you may be able to expand their selections and horizons.

  1. -The PRIDE Program: Personal and Racial Identity Development and Enhancement

  2. Adolescence is a pivotal, transitional and transformational stage of life. Learn how the PRIDE program developed to building positive self-image in adolescents in foster care, and lessons learned for helping at risk youth claim and constructively direct their power to realize their potential in life.