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Evidence Base - Get the Lowdown

It takes precious resources – time, money, energy and people – to implement any wellness program, or to drive change with any group of people. Make sure you invest those resources in a program that has been documented to work. Instant Recess® has been reviewed by public health experts and evaluated in disciplined research studies.

The Meta-Volition Model: Organizational Leadership Is the Key Ingredient
in Getting Society Moving, Literally!

"Live, Learn and Play:" Building Strategic Alliances Between Professional Sports
and Public Health

Building Capacity to Prevent and Control Chronic Disease in Underserved Communities:
Expanding the Wisdom of WISEWOMAN in Intervening at the Environmental Level.

Yancey. J Women’s Health, 13(5), 2004, 644-649. - PDF

Ethnic and Sex Variations in Overweight Self-Perception: Relationship to Sedentariness.
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Leading by Example: A Local Health Department - Community Collaboration to Incorporate
Physical Activity into Organizational Practice.

Yancey, Lewis, Sloane, Jones Guinyard, Diamant, Nacimento,McCarthy. J Public Health Management
and Practice 10(2), 2004, 116-123. - PDF

The Los Angeles Lift Off: a sociocultural environmental change intervention to integrate
physical activity into the workplace.

Yancey, McCarthy, Taylor, Merlo, Gewa, Weber and Fielding. Preventive Medicine 38,
2004 848– 856. - PDF

Putting Promotion Into Practice: The African Americans Building a Legacy
of Health Organizational Wellness Program.

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Health Promotion Practice 7(3), 2006. 233S-264S. - PDF 

Sparking a Movement to Energize America -10 Minutes at a Time

Ten Ways to get your Organization Moving

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Instant Recess® Toolkit for the workplace – Sponsored by KEEN, this toolkit contains everything you’ll need to make Recess part of the day where you work.



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