“Your book is a terrific tool as we work together to promote healthy and active lifestyles.” - Bill Clinton, 42nd President of the US

“Clearly, a new approach is needed. And Dr. Yancey is offering one that has already shown great promise to counteract what she calls sedentary behavior disorder… She calls it ‘Instant Recess’.” - Jane Brody, New York Times

“Dr. Yancey provides the tools to get America moving, in a
very accessible style with the scientific research to back it up”
- Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA), Chairman, Senate HELP Committee

“Doable in just about any setting, Instant Recess could get America moving again.”

– David Satcher, MD, PhD, 16th Surgeon General of the United States

“Instant Recess can work equally well in the corporate boardroom, school classroom, or for fans at a sporting event.” – Dave Winfield, Baseball Hall of Famer and ESPN commentator

“Your presentation inspired me to continue my work in this area and I hope to stay in
touch with you about the potential for collaboration. Thanks again and keep walking the talk!”
–  Public Health Professor


“It’s a good use of time because it gets kids excited, gives them a boost of energy, wakes them up …” - Teacher

“Kids are taking ownership – bringing their own music and trying out moves.” - Teacher

“Instant Recess is a great activity for the students. They get excited and can’t wait to do it each day. It even helps students work together as a team and help each other out.” - Teacher

“If your kids are antsy or their attention span is falling off, if they get a littler exercise it boosts that. Oxygen is brain food!” - Teacher

“I think the Instant Recess is good for stretching out and exercising the kids to keep our

muscles strong. I think it would be good to have all the kids around the world do it.” - Student

“Makes me feel strong!” - Student

“I love Instant Recess because it gave me energy throughout the day.” - Student


“Dr Yancey, Thank you!!!! Your presentation was so uplifting and encouraging. I especially like how you got the entire room to participate in exercising. That day was my ‘Begin Again’ day. I started walking again and I am just taking one day at a time.”

“You don’t know how out of character this is for me to lead a group of people in a business meeting in exercise. I am very reserved. BUT I DID IT!!”

“The staff love it, in fact if the leads forget to start right at the designated start times, the staff will request their instant recess! They have already shown an improvement in their attendance and have not had a workplace injury since implementing instant recess. Plus they are inspiring other departments across the medical center to try it–if it works in the call center, it can work in any environment!”  - Wellness Project Manager

“Just do it, it’s a lot of fun! It’s great for stress relief! You get away from the computer, which helps your body, especially if you have injuries.  It’s OK if you can’t do all the moves – just do what you can.” - Lab Technician, Kaiser Permanente

Sparking a Movement to Energize America -10 Minutes at a Time


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