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Darlene Edgley / President & CEO Instant Recess Inc.

November 22, 2013

I would like to thank everyone who worked diligently to make the documentary Time of Death a reality. I would like to especially thank Showtime and Magic Elves for bravely shining light on such a difficult subject. For most families, the end of life process is often very private. Dr. Antronette (Toni) Yancey felt it was important that the end of life story moved from the private to the public so others could learn from her experience. She hoped that by sharing her story, a dialogue could develop that would have the power to change how we view this transitional process.

I would like to thank Dr. Wallenstein of UCLA for initially sharing Toni’s story with Showtime. I would especially like to thank family members, friends, and medical practitioners who provided endless support and words of inspiration throughout Toni's journey with cancer.

Over the past eleven years, I have had an opportunity to see people’s lives transform because they were introduced to Instant Recess. People who had no desire to exercise, have become sparkplugs for the movement and have started creating and leading their own Instant Recess groups. Instant Recess is as stimulating and electrifying as its creator, Toni. In almost every Instant Recess story shared with me, people have exclaimed how fun, easy, and energizing an Instant Recess break can be. This is because Instant Recess was designed to be done to any type of music, in any setting, and accessible by any culture. Basically, it was made for everyone everywhere.

We at Instant Recess Inc. are continuing the work that Dr. Yancey started more than twenty years ago to get Americans fit and putting an end to obesity. We are thankful for those who participated in the National Instant Recess Day on May 7th, 2013 and to all of you who continue to conduct Instant Recess breaks around the country. Dr. Yancey left us with a call to action to get everyone moving 10 minutes at a time and people are listening. This work could not have continued without your support. Instant Recess Inc. will continue to provide speakers, trainings, webinars, consultations and evaluations nationally. It is currently in the process of implementing Instant Recess in some very dynamic organizations. 

Please visit us on and and Twitter (@InstantRecess). We are very excited to hear from you and about your Instant Recess breaks. Additionally, we will be unveiling some very exciting Instant Recess tools in the near future. Please look out for an:

  1. Instant Recess Training Module

  2. Instant Recess Toolkit

  3. Instant Recess App

For more information, please contact:

Darlene Edgley, President & CEO



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