The Problem:

Sitting is Killing Us!

Look around you. Less than 5% of Americans meet the daily minimum activity recommendation. Over 35% of adults are obese and 17% of children. Healthcare spending has tripled since 1990, along with the size of our waistlines.

Inactivity has a lot to do with it. Prolonged sitting increases the risk of premature death by 40% and doubles the risk of cardiovascular disease, even in lean people who exercise regularly. It shuts off our ability to burn calories and the electrical activity in leg muscles, drops fat-burning enzymes by 90%, and limits the effectiveness of good cholesterol and insulin.

Instant Recess® can be done at work, at school, at church, in the library, at sporting or cultural events – anywhere people gather. The movements are simple enough for anyone to participate, and can be adapted to suit any culture or physical environment.

A simple 10% decrease in inactivity could decrease healthcare spending by $150 million per year. Benefits of mid-day activity breaks include:



Weight, blood pressure, waistline

Precent of body fat

Fatigue and drowsiness

Stress and anxiety

Harmful effects of prolonged sitting

Urge to smoke


Self-esteem, self-efficacy

Energy levels and alertness

Sleep quality and duration

Mood, calmness and relaxation

Speed and accuracy of data-entry

Engagement of inactive individuals

Fruit and vegetable intake

Water consumption

Overall physical activity

   (Including outside of work)

Supportive work environment

A Solution:

Instant Recess®

Instant Recess® is a MOVEment of ACTIVE-ists dedicated to making America healthier 10 minutes at a time. By introducing brief activity breaks
in the middle of the day, we can make activity the norm.

Sparking a Movement to Energize America -10 Minutes at a Time


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