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Instant Recess and the National Physical Activity Plan have been endorsed by the National Pacifica Radio Network. Washington DC’s Pacifica station WPFW 89.3FM broadcasts Instant Recess breaks daily 1:05 to 1:15 PM Eastern Time. These breaks may also be streamed online at www.wpfw.org.  Sister stations and affiliates across the US may broadcast Instant Recess and interviews surrounding the May 3, 2010 launch of the National Physical Activity Plan (see press release and related article).

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I served on the scientific committee that assisted the federal government in developing the first-ever Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, released in October 2008. However, my colleagues and I realized that our work was just beginning. Figuring out how much activity people should do was the easy part–the hard part is how to get people moving! That's why a group of us continued to work together to develop the National Physical Activity Plan.

The National Physical Activity Plan Is a growing collection of organizations and individuals dedicated to developing a plan that will empower all Americans to be physically active every day. With a comprehensive network of resources that continues to expand, we are gaining momentum towards meeting our ultimate goal of increasing physical activity nationwide.

Currently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Prevention Research Center at the University of South Carolina are providing the organizational infrastructure for The Plan.

In addition, we have organizational partners and organizational collaborators who have committed resources to assist us with the realization of our mission, as well as organizational affiliates who will assist with aspects of development and dissemination of the Plan.

We have a coordinating committee comprised of leading experts in the fields of:

Public Health • Education • Transportation, Urban Design, and Community Planning

Mass Media • Healthcare • Business and Industry • Parks, Recreation, Fitness, and Sports

Volunteer and Non Profit Organizations

Please visit the NPAP website at www.NationalPhysicalActivityPlan.org