Selected Publications

Maxwell AE, Yancey AK, AuYoung M, Guinyard JJ, McCarthy WJ, Bastani R.  Dissemination of organizational wellness practice and policy change: A mid-point evaluation of the L.A. basin REACH US Center of Excellence in Eliminating Disparities. Prev Chronic Dis.  2011 Sep;8(5):A115. - PDF

Sorensen G, Landsbergis P, Hammer L, Amick B, Linnan L, Yancey A et al.  Preventing chronic disease at the  workplace:  A workshop report and recommendations.  Am J Public Health.  2011 July 21 [Epub ahead of print]. - PDF

Barr-Anderson D, Auyoung M, Whitt-Glover M, Yancey A. Structural integration of brief bouts of physical activity into organizational routine: A systematic review of the literature. AJPM. 
2011;40:76-93. - PDF

Yancey T.  Instant Recess: Getting our instant gratification society moving, one school at a time. 

California Alliance for Health Physical Education Recreation and Dance Journal. In press, 2011. - PDF

Yancey AK, Grant D, Witt S, Kravitz-Wirtz N, Mistry R. Role modeling, risk and resilience in   
adolescents: Evidence from the CHIS. J Adolesc Health. 2011 Jan;48(1):36-43 - PDF

Yancey AK, Cole BL, McCarthy WJ.  A graphical, computer-based Decision Support Tool to help decision-makers evaluate alternative policy options for physical activity disparities reduction. 
Am J Prev Med. 2010 Sep;39(3):273-9. - PDF

Yancey AK. The Meta-Volition Model: Organizational leadership is the key in getting society moving, literally! Prev Med. 2009 Oct;49(4):342-51. - PDF

Yancey A, Winfield D, Larsen J, Anderson M, Jackson P, Overton J, Wilson S, Rossum A et al. Live, learn and play:  building strategic alliances between professional sports and public health. Prev Med  2009 Oct;49(4):322-25. - PDF

Gosliner W, James P, Yancey A, Kim S, Ritchie L, Studor N, Crawford P. Impact of a staff wellness program on the nutrition and physical activity environment of child care centers. Am J Health Promot. 2010 Jan-Feb;24(3):186-9. - PDF

Yancey A, Cole B, Brown R, Hillier A, Williams J et al. A cross-sectional prevalence study of ethnically-targeted and general audience obesity-related advertising. Milbank Q 2009;87:155-84. - PDF

Lara A, Yancey AK, Tapia-Conyer R, Flores Y, Kuri-Morales P, Mistry R, Subirats E, McCarthy WJ. Pausa para tu salud: Reduction of weight and waistlines by integrating exercise breaks into workplace organizational routine. Prev Chronic Dis. 2008 Jan;5(1):A12. - PDF

Yancey AK, Herring RP, Lampkin A, Kyle J, Baker P, Fraser G. Black art posters, a low-cost incentive to increase survey response rates among Blacks in large cohort study. Prev Med 2008;46(4):370-3. - PDF

Yancey, AK, Pronk NP, Cole BL. Workplace Approaches to Obesity Prevention. In: Handbook of Obesity Prevention: A Resource for Health Professionals. S. K. Kumanyika and R. C. Brownson. New York, NY: Springer Publishing Company, 2007. - PDF

Yancey AK, Tomiyama AJ. Physical activity as primary prevention to address cancer disparities. Sem Onc Nurs. 2007 Nov;23(4):253-63. - PDF

Yancey AK, Fielding JE, Flores GF, Sallis JF, McCarthy WJ, Breslow L. Creating a public health infrastructure  for  physical activity promotion: a challenge to chronic disease control policy. Am J Prev Med.  2007;32(1);68-78. - PDF

Yancey AK, Lewis LB, Guinyard JJ, Sloan DC, Nascimento LM, Galloway-Gilliam L, Diamant A, McCarthy WJ. Putting promotion into practice:  the African Americans Building a Legacy of Health organizational wellness program. Health Promot Prac. 2006;7(3):233S-246S. - PDF

Yancey AK, Leslie J, Abel EK.  Obesity at the crossroads: feminist and public health perspectives. Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society 2006;31(2):425-443. - PDF

Yancey AK, McCarthy WJ, Leslie J, Wong WK, Siegel JM, Harrison GG. Challenges in improving fitness: results of a randomized, controlled lifestyle change intervention. J Women’s Health. 2006 May;15(4):412-29. - PDF

Yancey AK, Ortega AN, Kumanyika SK. Effective recruitment and retention of minority research participants. Ann Rev Pub Health. 2006;27:1-28. - PDF

Yancey AK, Simon PA, McCarthy WJ, Lightstone AS, Fielding JE. Ethnic and Sex Variations
in Overweight Self-perception: Relationship to Sedentariness. Obes 2006;14(6):980-8. - PDF

Yancey A, Raines A, McCarthy W, Gewa C, Weber M, Fielding J. The Los Angeles Lift Off:
a sociocultural environmental change intervention to increase workplace physical activity.
Prev Med 2004; 38(6): 848-56. - PDF

Yancey A, Siegel J, McDaniel K. Ethnic identity, role models, risk & health behaviors in urban adolescents. Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. 2002;156:55-61. - PDF

A select listing of publications from peer-review journals and academic books

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